We are Lacey and Lyndsey Love, also known as The Love Twins and this is our official website and this page is our biography. We began our adult careers in about 2004 when we were working as cyber strippers. In 2005 we signed an exclusive contract to work with Vivid and stayed with them until 2007. We are now on our own working with several companies doing movies and photo shoots. We are the Love Twins … Lacey and Lyndsey Love …. twin porn stars and this is our official website. Welcome.

The Love Twins

We are from Ohio and while we were in school my sister and I were so super broke. We needed money but we also needed to find a job that was flexible enough to allow us to continue our education. A friend suggested we try out being a cyber-stripper. This was basically a web cam model. A friend, of a friend of a friend knew someone who could help us manage our careers. We decided to give it a try. My sister and I are both very shy so that whole web cam thing wasn’t really for us but we did enjoy the freedom that sharing our sexuality with others gave us. So the guy who was helping us with our cyber-stripping said we should consider doing work on films instead. He made some calls and before you knew it, we were in LA meeting with the head of Vivid Entertainment, the biggest adult movie studio in the world. It was crazy, we couldn’t believe it.

We signed with Vivid right away for a 2 year contract and official we became Vivid girls. We loved the way they made movies. It was so much fun making their feature films and working with the other Vivid girls, especially when everyone came together to make movies like Where The Boys Aren’t 18 and Where The Boys Aren’t 19.

After a few year we parted ways with Vivid and went off on our own. We spent some time making movies with other companies like Digital Playground, Jules Jordan, Zero Tolerance.

But in the end my sister and I decided instead we need to concentrate on finishing our education. We eventually completed our studies just in time for the economy to tank. So here we were, former Vivid girls that couldn’t land a real job to save our lives. We tried a few very low paying jobs here and there but it just wasn’t enough to make ends meet.

We have been on the cover of a few men’s magazines including Genesis Magazine, the October 2005 issue, Club Magazine in December of 2005, and we were on the cover of Swank Magazine in the May 2008 issue. Here are those covers.

magazine-club-december-2005 magazine-genesis-october-2005 magazine-swank-may-2008

While we were thinking about making a return to porn after almost a year off, the economy only gor worse and so did the amount of money studios would pay to book talent. So my sister had a great idea …. she said why not buy one of those HD cameras and make our own movies for our fans?

I kind of laughed it off at first but after talking with our friend Kelli, she hooked us up with some people from Amateur District and we made it a reality. They released what would become The Love Twins XXX Home Movies, real life amateur footage of real life porn stars. It was a lot of fun to make and I did my first anal scene in the movie as well.

We had a great response from our fans. They seemed to like us having sex at home and recording it for them to watch so my sister and I came up with the idea of creating a website for our fans that would feature videos of just that. Of course we wanted to offer more than just a few home shot movies so we also licensed some of our movies we made from other companies to share with our members as well.

Then we came up with what we thought was a brilliant idea. Why not include a section of the site featuring other twins and as luck would have it, we were able to get our hands on several videos and photo sets with other porn star twins like Misha and Sasha aka The Sin Twins or the Anarchy Twins and The Milton Twins.